ReDIF Person templates, generated by RAS/ACIS.  What’s new

Status: proposal.  Initial version: 2004-01-22 14:09.

With introduction of ACIS, the structure of person records changed.  The ReDIF Person templates, that ACIS-based RAS will write, will be different from those, generated by HoPEc.


First new feature of the new person templates is that they will be in UTF-8 Unicode encoding.  Consequently, content of a template may fall out of latin-1 charset and, thus, the template may become unusable for latin-1-based user services.

Second, richer name data structure is now available.

Third, email address was obligatory in old person templates.  That is not true anymore.

Forth, new attributes introduced.  Purpose: to carry new personal data that might be collected or generated by ACIS.


Each ReDIF Person template file has UTF-8 BOM (Byte-Order-Mark) at the first byte position of the file.

ReDIF-perl will recognize that and treat all the files' content as UTF-8 data.

Personal name


All these attributes are non-repeatable.

New attributes


Required and non-repeatable.

Short-ID attribute will contain short unique persistent alphanumeric identifier of the person record.  Will be calculated and maintained by RAS/ACIS software.  It is assumed to never change.  At least as long as the record handle is not changed.

Short-IDs of personal records always start with the “p” letter.

Short-IDs shall be treated as case-insensitive.


Optional and repeatable.  Value type: institution handle.  Meaning: person’s affiliation with the specified institution.

This attribute will replace Workplace-Institution attribute, which caused confusion with the same attribute as part of Workplace-(ORGANIZATION) cluster.

Other attributes


Optional and non-repeatable.  Value type: freetext.  Meaning: Research interests of a person.  Format: words or phrases separated by a new-line character “\n”.


Optional and non-repeatable.  Value type: URL.  Meaning: address of the picture file, depicting the person.


Optional and non-repeatable.  Value type: datetime, format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS Z, where Z is the time-zone as <sign>hhmm — hour and minute offset from GMT (e.g. “+0200”).

Ed.Note: For some reason this attribute is not generated now.  To be fixed.

Reserved attributes

Directory structure and file names

Personal templates comprise RePEc archive “RePEc:per”.  Its structure will change for manageability.

By previous convention (was it Guildford protocol?), personal data files are archived in “pers/” directory.

There will be two levels of directories below “pers/”: a level for each of the first two letters of the short-id of the personal record, the initial “p” not counted.

Each file will be named as follows: short-id + “.rdf”.

So file of a personal template with short-id “pwa34” will reside in “pers/w/a/” directory and it’s full pathname will be “pers/w/a/pwa34.rdf”.