ACIS Project

ACIS stands for “Academic Contributor Information System”.  We believe that individual academics could play a more active role in scientific publishing.  Read more…



October 16, 2006An early plan for stage D: full-text file recognition, document to document associations and fuzzy author name search.

July 26, 2006Stage C: Citations is in the works.

October 28, 2005:  Development work of stage B (previously known as stage 3) has been successfully completed.

July 21, 2005:  So, in a funny twist after stage 1 is completed, we started work on stage 3.  And here is our main guiding document on it.  Now in HTML.

July 3, 2005:  ACIS Stage 3 Plan document (MS Word format, 71kb).

October 4, 2004:  ACIS software now features documentation, AMF support and automatic research profile update.

September 1, 2004:  Installed the most recent development release on our testing machine.  Now we freeze it; only bugs are to be fixed.

August 2004:  Brief list of recent developments.

July 2004:  We held a meeting in Novosibirsk and wrote a workplan.

March 2004:  The software we produce has reached some maturity and is now in use. HoPEc has been replaced by the RePEc Author Service and now runs on ACIS.

Thus we achieved the main goals of stage 1 of the project.  We go on.