The main project aim is to develop a software.  The software is a web application by design.  It is installed at a web server and users interact with it through the web.

It is open source; we release it under the GNU General Public License.


The core of ACIS software and certain other parts of it are stable.  As such, ACIS powers the RePEc Author Service and does that pretty smoothly.  New functionality that is being developed is not stable, of course.  And we do not have separate stable / unstable development branches.


For more detailed description of the requirements and installation procedure see Installation guide.


Choose the most recent ACIS-….tar.gz file in the code/ directory. Documentation is included in the package (see doc/ directory), but here is the online copy of the installation instructions.


We use ACIS-tech mailing list for technical discussions.

Or send your feedback directly to us, .

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Some other facts about the software.