Our documentation is divided into several parts.  First, there is ACIS software documentation, which comes with ACIS distribution.  Then we have a number of stage-specific and other historical docs, listed below.

The Montreal proposal presents the background and rationale of the project and sets the aims.  It was the basis of the project’s funding by the Open Society Institute.

The ACIS stage 1 requirements contain a brief introduction and then a paced, but detailed description of the software that we are developing.  It is incomplete and slightly inaccurate in minor points, because it was written before most of the code were developed.

The initial plans shifted a bit and after stage 1 we did stage 3.  For it we had Stage 3 Plan, code-named “Saskatoon”.

After that we decided to change naming of the stages and stage 1 has become stage A, stage 3 — stage B, 2nd has become C and the last stage is D.  Stage C is basically done, but next stage hasn’t yet been started.

Progress reports and plans

Old, very old documents: