Development status, January 11th, 2004

As of January 11th, 2004

ACIS is usable.  It matured a lot in the past several months.  All the basic functionality works, and it’s user interface has improved a lot.

What it needs most now is real-world testing.  More — the better.  Decipherable and constructive feedback is the main fuel we run on.

The software is installed on site, more about it.

Things done

During the last 5 months, main things done:

Still to do

Here is the list of things we yet need to do:

First priority

… before it can become RePEc Author Service.

Not as urgent

ACIS, stage 1

Additionally, to make the thing comply with ACIS project’s Kathmandu document, the following needs to be done:

Areas for improvement

I have plans for some more work in these directions: