ACIS project: phase 1 requirements

by Ivan Kurmanov and Thomas Krichel

Revision: 1.6 of Apr 11 2003. You should always be able to find the latest version of this document at:

Ed. Note: These are editorial notes.

Overall project goal:

The goal is to develop a tool for building interactive online CV services for academics. An existing prototype of such a service is HoPEc. The aim of our project is a more general, more flexible, more accessible and more functional system, based on a software that can be used with different metadata collections.

The requirements below tell about the system in the present tense as if it was already developed. This is just for the ease of reading.

We have organized this document as follows. First we list general (including main functional) requirements. Second, we list the requirements for the software from the point of view of the administrators of an ACIS-based service. Then we list the requiremnents of the funders of our work. Finally we have some notes on the requirements we impose on ourselves.

General functional and the service end-user's requirements:

Service administrator's requirements:

The Service administrator is the person who installs and runs the service software at a specific site on a specific metadata collection.

The funders' requirements (OSI):

The project team self-commitments:

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