Workplan for Ivan to finish stage 1, as of July 25-26, 2004

Work will be completed in two parts.  The second half of stage 1 bonus will be paid when part 1 is finished.  There are two reasons to proceed this way. First, the transaction is going take time. Second, points in part 2 where not planned or specified as part of ACIS stage 1.

Part 1

1.1 Finish automatic research profile update system (test it, finish queue management).

1.2 AMF:

1.3 Write and publish ACIS documentation:

Part 2

2.1 Create an archiving system for the ACIS event logs and a way to browse research-profile critical events only — resources accepted to, removed and refused from the research profile (brief mode).

2.2 Try to solve insufficient name variations problem for HoPEc- originating accounts.  We specify it below in medium detail.

When a user logs in, we look at her name variations; see if we can suggest anything in addition; if we can, add the calculated variations to his variations list.  Do that silently; that would be slightly mean to the user, but it will save us from the cost of developing a decent interface to suggest, to explain what is suggested, to save the decisions, while it is very likely that for many users this interface will be unnecessary.

When calculating new name variations, we will try out two things.  First we will try to take account of a possibility that the user’s middle name is stored as part of his first name. (This is the case with almost every HoPEc-age user, who has a middle name because at the time of import I was hesitant to take such desicions.) Second, we will account for the accented characters in the name variations that we already have.  We will translate those to ASCII characters to make new variations.

The only thing we have to check before doing all that is that this calculation is only done once for each user.  If we get some variation wrong and add it, and then user finds this and fixes his name variations and then we again add this unwanted variation to his list, he will be very unhappy.

2.3 Add a link to NEP service on the registration confirmed page for the RePEc Author Service.

2.4 Research profile: search by author email and automatic profile update by author email.