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Конфигурация экранов

Конфигурация экранов будет в XML файле. Например:



 <screen id='login'>
   <process function='My::ACIS::login'/>
   <presentation type='xslt' filename='login.xsl' />

 <screen id='contributions'>
   <process function='My::ACIS::authenticate'/>
   <process function='My::ACIS::contributions'/>
   <presentation type='xslt' filename='contributions.xsl' />

 <screen id='confirm'>
   <process function='My::ACIS::confirm'/>
   <presentation type='xslt' filename='confirmed.xsl' />

 <screen id='confirm-invalid'>
   <presentation type='xslt' filename='confirm-invalid.xsl' />

 <screen id='index'>
   <presentation type='static' filename='index.html' />

 <screen id='exit'>
   <process function='My::ACIS::authenticate'  />
   <process function='My::ACIS::logoff'              />
   <presentation type='xslt' filename='exit.xsl' />


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