Development status, August 20th, 2003

Previous version of this report: Development status, August 10th, 2003.

Date: August 20th, 2003

The demo version of ACIS software is installed on site, more about it.

Bugzilla has at least one bug filed already (by myself ☺). Search for bugs, report bugs.

Things done recently

During the last 10 days I did testing and fixed a huge number of bugs and did a huge number of small improvements.  I licked out the code of the core of the system, removing old pieces, refactoring the system to be more logical, extensible and making the code more readable.

Among the many things I did recently:

Still to do

Here is the list of things we yet need to do:

First priority

… before it can become RePEc Author Service.

Not as urgent

ACIS, stage 1

Additionally, to make the thing comply with ACIS project’s Kathmandu document, the following needs to be done:

These and some more technical items are listed and detailed in our internal, Russian-language Schedule document.  I update it from time to time.