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Automatic update of the academic contributions profile

Montreal document says about stage 1 of the ACIS project (among other things):

36. Once a person is registered, she can opt for a semi-automated update of a profile. If this is enabled, the system will study every new document addition to the document dataset, to check if any of it's authors name matches that of any of the registered researchers. If the document should be added, it will inform the registered user, giving her the option to cancel the addition.

I suggest to make two levels of automated maintenance of the contributions profile: fully-automatic and semi-automatic.

In case of fully-automatic maintenance, the matching documents will be included into the contributions profile of a person and she will be notified of it. If user wants to refuse an addition, she will have to login into ACIS and remove an item from her contributions profile in a usual manner.

In case of semi-automatic maintenance, the contributions profile won't be changed by the system. Instead, users will be notified of new documents, which have a matching name in their metadata, and will be invited to login into the system and sort that out. When a user logs-in and enters her contributions profile, she will see the list of documents, offered for inclusion into the profile. The list will be based on previous automatic-maintenance system findings. User will then be able to either refuse or accept it to her contributions profile. The point? Users will be warned when there is something to claim authorsip for them, but won't be hurt by wrong items added (as might well happen in case of fully-automatic maintenance).

The option of fully-automatic / semi-automatic will be an option of the contributions profile. We may word it like this:

Do you want to be alerted, when documents with a name like yours appears in our database?

What I'm a bit uncertain yet is where to put this option. The contributions profile seems logical place for this, but contributions profile is big and complex already. Name and contact details screen contains directly related name variations box, but otherwise it also has enough stuff on it to clutter it more. I was thinking about creating an additional user-settings screen. Should we better put it there? Apart from this option, it could contain security related option. Like, for instance, what to remember with http cookies: login name, login and password, nothing.

So I suggest to put into a screen of its own. Let's call it Automatic Contributions Profile Maintenance screen. We could link to it from Contributions Profile. We could link to it from the Welcome Menu screen as well, probably.

This is Automatic update of the academic contributions profile. It is part of Some issues in the ongoing work on ACIS, which is part of ACIS Manual.

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