Agreement on finishing stage 3 development

Between Thomas and Ivan, 21 September 2005.

  1. Thomas pays Ivan a summary $1000 for the work conducted since the last payment to Ivan, excluding the documentation work.
  2. Thomas pays Ivan $1000 for documentation work now, which includes $500 as agreed in Berlin, as well as $500 for the rest of the documentation.  Ivan will maintain the documentation current through the process outlined below.
  3. Ivan does all the development work for stage 3 himself.

    Thomas gets all the transparency of Ivan’s recent work: daily reports (excluding the weekends), written and published online detailed plans, documentation maintenance.

  4. If Ivan finishes the development within 6 weeks, Thomas pays Ivan $4000.

    If the work is not ready within 6 weeks, Thomas pays $4000 minus $400 for every incomplete week of the delay past the 6 weeks term.

    If Ivan delivers it later than after 12 weeks, which means with a delay of 6 weeks, Thomas pays Ivan $1600. This is the utter minimum that Ivan gets.

    Should Ivan get ill or have any unplanned technical difficulties, it makes no excuse.  Only if we have a real catastophe in Belarus and Ivan gets to hospital, and subject to the approval of the steering committee, the emergency will set the clock stopping.

  5. The work includes:

    • everything written now in the stage3-todo document (an archived copy).
    • making a testing/demonstration installation of EPrints on the nebka machine with person identification features installed in it and a simple, directly accessible one-page demonstration of it;
    • metadata update features (the mirroring function) made and configured for RAS;
    • the plugin for the new EPrints' plugin interface;
    • the documentation maintained current.
  6. It does not include:

    • OAI download of document data to an ACIS installation;
    • any work on EconWPA or its replacement;
    • anything not planned in Saskatoon, and current cooperate.html and eprints.html documentation;
    • any further support.
  7. The agreement becomes effective immediately, but the development clock starts next day after Thomas files the payment documents for $2000 for Ivan.

Update. On 23 September 2005 Ivan and Thomas agreed that the 6 week term for this development starts 26 September 2005 and, therefore, ends on 6 November 2005.